Wednesday, October 6, 2010

EAG's Lies Continue

The EAG's failure to spread MESSA lies and anti-union propaganda throughout Michigan over the past several years must mean Kyle Olsen's anti-union pals in his home state are cutting off his money machine. Looks like he’s now taken his con artist game to bordering Great Lakes states where some financial backers haven’t figured out they’re being suckered yet.

Check out this story from Milwaukee Magazine. The EAG's latest target is the Wisconsin EA’s health care affiliate, WEA Trust. In Milwaukee, they're running radio adds, promise a TV ad (which will probably never be more than a web ad), and is sending the usual Op Eds around.

A spot or 2 on Fox News might impress some deep pockets of conservative think tanks in other states right now, but the word is spreading and people are starting to figure you out what the EAG and Kyle Olsen really stand for . . . . and it isn’t quality education.

Might want to consider updating your Linkedin account or pulling a resume together for a real job Kyle. Cons always get found out sooner or later.