Thursday, May 7, 2009

Word Gets Out on EAG

As Kyle carpetbags his way across the state offering advice on how the locals should run their schools, more and more people are seeing the light. Comments on newspaper websites are much more common then they were just a few months ago, as are Op Eds opposing his interference. Now the blogesphere is getting involved.

Blogging for Michigan, based in Lansing has recently started watching Kyle, as has Dispatches from the Intelligentsia and Grand Rapids based Media Mouse. Have a look.

By the way, with Tuesday's elections, the EAG Scoreboard has gotten a bit longer. You'll remember it tracks Kyle's (lack of) success in making trouble around the state.

As usual, it appears the locals are taking care of things without listening to EAG. The question is, how much longer will Kyle's secret financiers keep paying his salary with this kind of record?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop the Presses!

EAG Targets Someone Other Than the MEA!

Now it just may be that he's found some readily available material for his email list, but given that we've pointed out endlessly that Kyle is paid to attack the MEA and MESSA, we've gotta react when he actually finds someone else worth attacking.

In an email today, Kyle was flabbergasted to learn in a DTF newsletter that if a teacher doesn't pay their union dues, they don't get off scott free. Of course, that's the whole point to the Right to Work (Freeload) ballot proposal that Kyle is on record as supporting.

But now that he's finally taken an easy shot at another union, let's have a look at the tote board:

The number of times these organizations are mentioned on the EAG website:

MEA 319